Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes Less is More

Here's a little something unusual and elegant: an AR15 chambered in 9mm, tricked out with the usual MagPul furniture. But note the red dot sight for Close Quarters work, and the sound suppressor to keep the action quiet. But I love how it's been paired with a bare bones war belt featuring a set of HSGI TACO pouches for the spare magazines and a SureFire combat light. This is serious -- but minimalist -- kit for hunting a known threat in tight spaces.

Vampire Slaying

I'm so incensed by the naivete on display at Fox News (see post below), that I'm posting this handy "How To" video on eliminating Vampires.

Has the Twilight Saga commercial success so inured us to the threat of Vampires that we'll just let them walk among us, use our court system, and show up unquestioned on cable news? They are evil and must be destroyed.

Vampires in Philadelphia and Colorado

I'm a tolerant individual -- honest! But there are limits. Such as when blood-sucking Vampires are treated like living, breathing human beings. They are the worst of the Undead! They are masters of dark powers which they use to hunt the living.

So I am very upset with the fact that Fox News just let's this Fanger off the hook without any follow-up about his nocturnal activities.

I can understand that to the average person the predatory nature of a financial corporation such as Wells Fargo might seem worse, but that's only because they've never seen the gory and tragic aftermath of a Vampire attack.

Here's another case of people not taking Vampires for the serious threat that they are:

Sharpen those stakes, folks. They're coming to get ya!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ollin Sword Design

Sure, you can buy swords in tons of places these days: malls, martial arts schools, internet suppliers, even! But most of those are crappy wall hangers that will fall apart under the stress of actual zombie combat. You might use an Asian World of Martial Arts special as a last ditch resort to take out a couple of walkers, but I wouldn't bet my life on a stainless steel 3-foot butter knife if I had to face any of the other Terrors of the Night.

No. Do some research. Go custom. Pay top dollar and demand commensurate quality in your melee weapons!

Custom shop Ollin Sword Design makes all kinds of swords, and all of them are ready to cut through the legions of darkness. But they go a step further and make a special Zombie Defense Collection of hard hitting large knives and short swords. They refer to them as machetes, but they look more like no-frills cutlasses to me. These things will chop through anything!

They aren't cheap, but they are sturdy, and with a little tender, loving care and maintenance, these short swords will protect you and your suceeding generations from things that go bump in the night.

Polymer is Progress! Magpul Products

Some Alternative Advice on Zombie Slaying

Okay, I'm not 100% thrilled with the advice in this video. They suggest strangling zombies. I don't know how or why that would work. The walking dead don't breathe, and they have no blood circulation. I could see garroting them with razor wire, but I think that is slow, messy, and relatively risky.

Still, it's good to see some alternative viewpoints.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Easy to Build Gear Stand

I've been sharing several different hunting gear loadouts with you, my loyal readers, in an effort to provide some good examples of how to properly manage your weapons and survival gear. A little prior planning goes a long way towards your continued survival. You don't want to be stuffing random equipment into a gym bag at the last moment.

But once you have your gear together, you need to store it properly. You need to be able to get to it and don it quickly. Enter the gear stand, which not only provides quick access to your combat rig, but displays it attractively. (Hey, you've got to impress the ladies when they visit your crib, right?)

Fortunately, the gear stand is easy to build with some common materials. Plans & instructions can be found here.

Another Example of Zombie Fighting Rig

This zombie hunter has the typical choice of M4 (with MagPul accessories) and Glock. He has chosen basic black for his rig, and apparently includes a minimal number of spare magazines and other necessities pouches -- he probably has a blow-out kit is stashed somewhere in there.
Of special note is his wonderful fashion sense, as this Zed-hunter has included a tasteful Blackbeard Jolly Roger patch as an identifier on the front panel of his plate carrier.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Bear Grylls Survival Series by Gerber

Gerber has teamed up with Bear Grylls to produce a line of survival tools and accessories. Now, the whole line should be of interest to any true Zombie Hunter. Come Z-day I don't expect utilities such as public water or electricity to last very long. Basic survival skills will be necessary.

But I know many of my readers (okay, both of you) will be interested in the knives. There are four specific knives in the series: one fixed blade and three different folders. In addition, there's this parang, a large cross between a machete and a sheath knife.

The parang is something of an unsual large knife to see these days, but it's one I'm sure any would-be zombie hunter can see the potential of immediately. This thing should lop off limbs and heads with abandon.

Survival Tips from a Recognized Expert

I was glad to see the Zombie Apocalypse was given due attention by the National Geographic documentary makers. But I'm not sure why they keep referring to it as a "metaphor."

Cleaning Your Glock

How to clean your Glock pistol -- any model!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Rig Set-Up

MultiCam Chest Rig with an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK -- that would be the large-ish pouch).
An M4 carbine with MagPul accessories, and a Glock with fixed light. (At least, I think it's a light, it might be a laser. But it should be a light.)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Howlin' For You

This movie would only more awesome if it had zombies.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Movie Plug: Le Pacte de Loups / Brotherhood of the Wolf

I probably shouldn't do this. First of all, it goes against my gruff image to let on I sometimes have actual fun and watch a movie. Second of all, I'm afraid you'll really think I've gone soft because it's a French movie. Yes, French! I didn't even realize the French made movies, I thought they just drank wine, ate cheese, painted abstract pictures, and made love. But they sometimes make movies.

I also heard the french kickbox, but it turns out they call it Savate, and it's nothing like Muay Thai... But I digress.

Brotherhood of the Wolf is an expensive French action film. You can tell it's French because it's a period piece, the heroes pay for sex, and they do drink a fair amount of wine. You can tell it's an action movie because there's kung fu, large knives, and large caliber firearms. The movie is available in video stores or NetFlix. It's also a horror movie of sorts, because there's a werewolf creature threatening to eat all the maidens in the area.

But if that's not crazy enough for you, the movie is based on a true story! Anyway, the plot involves the attacks of a vicious beast, fierce with tooth and claw, upon the innocent inhabitants of the Gevaudan province, what was a border region far from centralized authority in France at the time. The protagonist (yes, I sometimes use multi-syllable, Latinate words; don't look so surprised) is the King's Naturalist, who journeys to the province with his trusty Native American sidekick, played by American martial arts phenom and Iron Chef Chairman, Mark Dacascos.

The Naturalist is curious about the mysterious beast, but soon discovers that all is not what it seems, there are multiple agendas in play, and the beast may merely be the pawn of a conspiracy.

If that sounds confusing, it's only a little confusing as you watch. Mostly you're too busy admiring the scenery -- for starters, there's Monica Belluci, but the French countryside looks mighty fine too. The film is beautifully shot and there is tremendous attention to detail. There's plenty of violence too. The beast likes to play with its prey. But the gore is never unsettling. If anything, one of the victims is left in a setting so decadently gorgeous, it brings to mind a Pre-Raphaelite painting. It's the people who are brutal. The opening fight in the rain leaves the viewer feeling each smashing blow. Later the naturalist goes hunting for men and carves his way efficiently through a bunch of them. It makes you wonder who the real animal is.

Anyway, I picked this up expecting more about hunting werewolves during the Enlightenment. I was slightly disappointed in the way the plot turned out, but I still recommend this for any Zombie Hunter to watch.
Those of us who hunt the Night Creatures come from a long and noble line. And this film will certainly remind you of that.

Slash and Bash

Two short videos on the cost-effectiveness of the Two-handed Cold Steel Katana Machete and the awesome power of their Warhammer. Just imagine the raw violence you can unleash on your monstrous foe!