Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hotties that must be saved: Katy Perry

Oh yeah...

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

This is the original text of the classic novel by Jane Austen, as restored by Graeme Smith. Generations of young girls and pasty English-major pansies grew up without the gore and carnage the Austen used to depict the soul-numbing life of the English Country Gentry.

Austen used the backdrop of a small zombie incursion to tell her tragicomic tale of mixed-up lovers. Between English sensitivities to the effects of zombie violence upon young women, and the natural inclinations of governments to suppress widespread knowledge of the undead walking among us, most readers assumed this was nothing more than a boring proto-romcom and fodder for dozens of date-movie scripts. Not so!

Here we see Austen's heroes as katana-wielding martial arts masters hellbent on dispatching revenants and saving Merry Old England. Austen even manages to include snippets of the long-standing Shaolin and Ninja blood vendetta. This is the very same feud that would later claim Bruce Lee's life. I give this book 5 severed heads.

Unfortunately, there is some glitch in the shelving system and you will usually find this stacked in the comedy section of your local bookstores. Go figure.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Survival Kits

I first heard about while reading the usual trade magazines. (In this case: Tactical Knives. Take note Game Deck warriors...) The Bush Kit was the featured item in the article. I have to say the beauty of this survival kit puts the one I cobbled together to shame. This is just gorgeous and is a 21st Century version of gear like they had in Colonial Days. I have no trouble imagining one of Rogers' Rangers carrying this set.

At first, I thought it was awfully expensive at $1100, but then I realized its in Canadian dollars. So with an exchange rate... it's probably, what: $7.50? Okay, maybe not.

While you might not need a beautiful kit like this to survive the blasted ruins of Zombiggeddon, you should have a survival kit handy. Once Z-Day hits, I think everyone will have more important things on their minds than going to work. At least, I will -- Buy More can bite me. I won't be showing for my shift. It won't take long for the infrastructure to break down. An excellent source of intelligence on what will happen is the History Channel series Life After People.

Gil out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Zombiegeddon Suvival Guide: Step 1 - Choosing your Fort

Hey folks, Flint Tinderwood here. Today I'm going to begin laying out the vital information you all will need to survive the inevitable Zombiegeddon. Though Gil may disagree with me on this one (we all know how much he would rather collect his guns as a first step), I believe that the first step to surviving the horde is to choose the place where you intend to hole up and fight the creepy critters from.

Now, Most of you are probably just assuming you're going to use your own home right? Well, you've just become a victim, and now there are tons of Zombies ripping your flesh apart as you die slowly and painfully. You're going to need tons of ammunition, not to mention food, and you're house isn't going to provide you with enough room for this. Plus, you need multiple escape routes in the event that you become overwhelmed, which the average home will not provide you with.

What I propose is the closest two-story mall. I say two-story because it is always best to have the high ground in a fight for your life. Why a mall you ask? Because it gives you everything you need. Malls have food courts, thus they have storage room for food to be kept without the worry of it going bad. Second, resources. Gun stores, cutteries, a simple Claire's can be a huge benefit in Zombiegeddon (a can of hairspray + a lighter = a saving your ass, makeshift flamethrower). One thing to note though is that you want 3 stairwells max. The stairs are where most of your kills are going to come from, as you can funnel them into a confined area where their numbers will mean nothing.

Ultimately, a mall gives you multiple escape routes. Think of all the emergency exits. If you fortify your mall correctly, you should never have to leave it, but in the event that a mistake is made, you want to have options. Well, sorry I couldn't get more in depth for you, but I have to give you some homework, I'm not going to do it all for you. Tonight, I want you all to go out and locate a mall that you think would be a prime spot to make your Zombiegeddon safe-haven. We'll meet back here on Wednesday with our info, and I'll begin telling you exactly how you should begin the fortification process.

And remember, the world has no place for another scared man.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Remington 870; 12 Gauge Shotgun

The Remington 870 is one of the most customizable shotguns on the market. It's an old reliable and will never let the dedicated zombie hunter down in any configuration. Enjoy a classic.


" It's like a chainsaw that spits bullets." -- Jesse "The Body" Ventura

7.62 mm bullets to be exact. This is the manpackable version of this area suppression weapon. With a cyclic rate in excess of 4000 rounds per minute, this is just the kind of tool you need for the point defense of your bunker. You might not be making 100% head shots, but it's sure to slow down the shambling hordes one way or another...

Hotties that must be saved on Z-Day: Stacey Keibler

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hotties that simply must be saved on Z-Day: Kristen Bell

Ok. So Z-Day happens... The undead are shambling toward your grandmother and Kristen Bell. You have a choice, because you can save only one.

Duh? You save Kristen Bell! Once the zombies have all rotted away, the human race will need to survive.
So saving Kristen Bell is purely a survival of the species thing.

We'll have more babes worth saving in Zombiggeddon in future posts.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Want to see how fast Zombiggeddon can happen?

Gil Mudskipper is here, one more time!

Lots of people seem to have the misplaced impression that a zombie infection would be contained -- probably by government troops -- before it could possibly affect them. If there's one thing that decades of zombie movies have taught us, it's that this idea is foolish. Government fat cats will just hunker down in their Cold War bomb shelters surrounded by crack soldiers trained in special counter-zombie tactics and have their mad scientists conduct experiments on how to get zombies to pay taxes.

Here's a simulation on how a zombie infection would spread. It starts with ONE zombie, and soon spreads...

Flint likes this version of the simulator better, because it sometimes factors in "hunters." He likes zombie hunters.

Important Links

Gil Mudskipper, here again folks!

Read this article, print it out, commit it to memory, and post it on the cork board in your bunker.

Since we're just starting our personal Zombieggeddon Survival Guide, it would probably be helpful for you to go to this site and take their quiz. Flint and I did very well, of course. But I'm not telling you how well, because you might come looking to hang out with us on Z-Day, and you'd probably just drag down our chances at survival.

The KAC 5.56mm Light Machine Gun; "The Chainsaw"

Gil Mudskipper here. Flint Tinderwood and I have set up this blog, Awesome, to prepare the world for the coming Zombie Apocalypse, or as we like to call it -- Zombigeddon!

We've named our blog Awesome because, really, what's better than Awesome?

Well, maybe Super-Awesome, but let's just stick with Awesome because it would be a real pain in the butt to go back and rename this thing...

Anyway, here's an extremely handy little tool for thinning the hordes of undead brain-eaters who will be coming your way any day now: the Knight's Armament Company (KAC) Stoner Light Machine Gun chambered in 5.56mm and mounted in the innovative "chainsaw" configuration.
It also comes with a KAC sound suppressor. The undead may not care about their hearing anymore, but using this thing as it was intended will be worse for you than being front row at a German death metal concert.
Underslung is a 37mm "flare" projector. This is perfect for those night time encounters where you need to be able to see your targets.

The 200-round assault pack attached here is hard-shell. These are pretty lightweight, but they also come in fabric soft casing. These were developed during the recent unpleasentness in Iraq in response to concerns from soldiers that half-full hard-shell packs tended to rattle. That rattle may or may not be a problem against the rotting eardrums of the undead, but it could prove helpful if you have to go up against less-than-friendly human survivors who want to steal your stash of supplies.

It's conveniently sized for easy carrying and close quarters. Larger weapons and full-size GPMGs may carry more knockdown power, but they're so heavy, you might be tempted to leave them behind. This you'll carry with you for those inevitable trips downstairs into the dark basement that alwasy seem to come up during Zombiggeddon.