Sunday, June 12, 2011

Musical Interlude: Glee -- Heads Will Roll

The kids from Glee sing in Thriller make-up.

Unprepared! UK City is forced to concede they can't hold back Zombies!

The United Kingdom's Leicester City Council was recently forced to admit they had no contingency plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. (
"Concerned citizen" Robert Ainsley filed a request under the UK-version of the Freedom of Information Act for information relating to the city's disaster plan for handling zombies. The city council spokesperson,Lynne Wyeth, admitted in a radio interview that this made her office, "laugh."
I assure you, Ms. Wyeth, that the shambling hordes of the hungry undead are no laughing matter. They are a real and dangerous threat. And your city is under more threat because of the draconian laws in your country regarding firearms ownership and even the possession of samurai swords -- two of the most effective anti-zombie tools available. Cricket bats and shovels are secondary tools at best.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gear Pr0n: OTB Odhin Maritime Boots

Let's say you're a Navy SEAL. Your typical mission profile (at least in theory) puts you in or near the water a great portion of your time. You need good tactical boots, but you need them to drain the water quicker, resist absorbing water into the materials, and dry relatively quickly. The old answer was the Vietnam Era Jungle boot. That worked. But all things can be improved by technology (or so the American Way of War tells us). Enter OTB Boots and the Odhin.
"OTB" stands for "over the beach" -- a good description of a SEAL mission if ever there was one. And OTB ( was adopted as the name of the footwear company that designed the Odhin for the SEALs. OTB now belongs to New Balance, but the boots are made here in the good ole USofA. So if you care about such things, they are "Berry Compliant." If you don't care about such things, don't worry about it.
The Odhin was designed specifically for our brave Navy SEAL friends as a new type of maritime assault boot. It uses water-resistant materials, is engineered with water in mind, and is lightweight and breathable.
Here we see the nylon mesh fabric used to make the boot breathable.
This is the insole system. Notice those holes? They allow water to pass right through the sole of the boot. The Jungle Boot had two brass drain holes in the instep. Compare that to these drain holes. The water passes right through.
Don't believe me? The Military Moron ( has a video on his site (just scroll down looking for his Odhin review) showing him placing a garden hose in the boot and the water flowing out about as fast as it gets into the boot.
You can see the holes in the sole in this photo.
Yet the Odhin is still constructed like a solid assault boot, as seen in these two pictures. Note the lacing system which holds the laces nicely against the boot to reduce the opportunity for them to snag on anything.
I dig the sexy green/khaki. Typically I like my assault boots in basic black (and that is available), but I'm seriously considering getting my pair in the sage green to go with my multicam working suit.
I know you're thinking, "But Gil, won't those holes let in debris?" Well, maybe. But first, consider that gravity is working for you. Second, they incorporated a mesh to keep out large grains of sand -- as seen in this picture. Third, while the holes will let in water, and some mud, the boot is designed for environments in which that is inevitable. Those are times when it is more important to get rid of the water. And they helpfully designed the boot to be cleaned easily.
What about traction? I hear you. OTB's answer is razor-thin cuts in the lugs of the sole to help shed water, sort of like the way your radial tires shed water. You can see the cuts when the sole is flexed. The user reviews I've read haven't indicated any problem with traction and have been very impressed with the amount of grip the sole gives even when wet.
I'm going to shout out to Gear Geek's ( for the photos. I don't have a pair of these boots yet, so I don't have pictures. But I'm already excited by what I read. I do have a pair of OTB's Thor boots on order. they should arrive next week. The Thor boots are low profile assault boots, so I intend to use them for everyday wear.

Gear Pr0n: Mil-Spec Monkey Zombie Hunter Patch in PVC

Mil-Spec Monkey's popular "Zombie Hunter" patch is now available in PVC.

As the Monkey says:
"We are trying out PVC designs to give some more options. They look clean, are nice and durable, and hook velcro won't stick to them like normal embroidery. Overall matte with very low reflectivity."

These are extremely durable, and may stand-up better in harsh environments better than normal embroidery. For example, if you are constantly in swamps or doing deep dives. The constant wetting and drying process can be hard on standard patches. You may have other applications in mind, such as ID on HAZMAT suits that needs to be disinfected.

Don't go hunting without identification. The zombie hunter patch won't solve all your ID issues, but it is a start.

Gear Pr0n: Glock Collection

The great thing about Glock pistols is how modular they are. Assuming for an instant that all of these pistols are chambered in the same caliber, then the parts are interchangeable. Of course, you can't fit a long slide on a small frame, but you can swap out all the standard size parts. And all of the larger magazines fit in the smaller frame guns.

And all the working parts are located in the same places.

This is a great collection of Glocks. This guy is ready to rock and roll.

Monsterquest: Lake Demons Part 2

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tameshigiri: Naginata

The Japanese knew how to make an edged weapon. This is a naginata in action against rolled bamboo mats, a practice known as Tameshigiri.

You've probably seen something similar with the familiar katana, or samurai sword. The Naginata was a polearm that essentially mated the cutting edge of the samurai sword with the leverage of a spear.

Traditional tales speak of warriors whirling the naginata around their bodies like windmills, sweeping flights of arrows out of the air with a swipe, and even beheading charging horses with one well-timed cut.

True? Maybe. The cutting potential of such a weapon is obvious. I'm not entirely sure I'd recommend a naginata as a zombie defense tool for the uninitiated, but it's worth looking into.

Monster Quest: Lake Demons Part 1

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gear Pr0n: Starter Kit

We're off to a pretty good start here. Shotgun as a primary. Glock pistol as a secondary. Then a light machete for quick work, and a tomahawk for general work, or when you want to put that Zed down with a single blow.

Krav Maga Week: Fight Quest Part 6

The boys see if they have what it takes to fight like Israeli Commandos.

Musical Interlude: Zombie by the Cranberries

Friday, May 27, 2011

D is for Dracula

Anyone Can Become a Zombie...

One of the horrifying truths about becoming a zombie is that it is an equal opportunity menace. The curse knows no difference among its victims. Race, color, creed, occupation... None of that matters.

In fact, sadly, in some outbreaks, the weakest members of society are among the first to fall. And so I present this horrible image. Undoubtedly it tugs on your heartstrings, because you can recognize a tragic history lies behind this undead corpse. But you cannot afford to falter in your purpose.

All zombies must be destroyed.

Recorded Attacks

Max Brooks, the researcher who gave us the Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, also wrote a history called, The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks. It presents information, often neglected in standard histories in order to minimize potential panic, about historical zombie outbreaks and how they were faced.

Krav Maga Week: Fight Quest part 5

Krav Maga Week: Fight Quest part 4

Seems I missed Thursday. Sorry, I was busy with work.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gear Pr0n: The Tactical Gladius

Swords are awesome for zombies. Especially when you find them in small numbers. But you have to balance the convenience of ammo conservation with carry weight. So while your first inclination might be to get something long for extra reach, you really shouldn't overlook the short sword.

Here we see a selection of swords after the Roam Gladius fashion. Sturdy defenders that will easily cleave into some zed's skull, yet won't slow you down.

Krav Maga Week: Fight Quest part 1

Krav Maga is a modern system of Israeli unarmed combat. It emphasizes striking early, hard, and often with immediately crippling results.

I dunno. YMMV as they say. I've heard that civilian training like you might get at a strip mall can be complicated and convoluted. On the other hand, there are plenty of professionals who swear by this stuff.

As I've said before, going unarmed against zombies -- well, any of the bogies and boggarts we discuss, really -- ain't a good idea. But you gotta have something to fall back on, and it does teach you how to move correctly in a fight. The thing about krav is that it isn't some ancient, sacred art that was optimized for fighting armored warriors on horseback. It exists in the here and now and understands mobility -- and also the kind of encumbrance that modern warfighting gear can have on a fighter.

M1911 Week: Shooting Part 1

You may have noticed I fell a little behind this month... and again last week. So I'm getting this series out to you anyway.

In Search Of: Siberian Fireball Part 3

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Musical Interlude: Rapture, by Blondie

The Rapture is an event that is a fixture of Evangelical Christian Eschatology in which it is believed the faithful will be brought to Heaven while the rest of us poor sinners endure the Anti-Christ. It was also an early Eighties hit for Blondie. Blondie was the group, not the singer. Her name was Debbie Harry.

Blondie's version of the Rapture is more fun.

Gear Pr0n: CamelBak Shot Show 2010

Water is essential in a survival situation. So looking at the broader possibilities of the End of the World -- not just the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse -- we need to consider ways we can carry water while still on the move. Whether we're on short patrols, scavanging expeditions, or long hauls.

CamelBak is one of the leading suppliers of hydration systems. This is video of the range of options made available in 2010.

In Search Of: Siberian Fireball part 1

In 1908, an intense explosion occurred in the Siberian Wilderness. It measured in the range of a nuclear blast.

No one is sure what caused it.

Was it a meteor or comet strike? A brief, mathematically-possible intersection of matter and anti-matter? An alien space ship crash landing -- or self-destructing to avoid detection?

We don't know.

But I thought we might look at some potential doomsday scenarios today.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Zombie Defense 101

A California community college is offering Zombie Defense 101. This is a step in the right direction, and I hope to see more institutions of higher learning and continuing education step up to the plate.

I am disturbed that this course apparently does not cover firearms or even edged weapons. The comely lass demonstrating seems to be limited to softball bats and karate kicks. In fact, she screams, "Jiu Jutsu!" while kicking one fiend... And while there are some limited kicks in Jiu Jutsu/jujutsu styles, we have already discussed why a grappling art is not ideal for fighting the undead.

Gear Pr0n: Vintage M1911

These are pictures of a WWI-era M1911 that was carried into combat by the owner's great-grandfather.
The owner refurbished the pistol and gave it a new finish to protect it.
This isn't a personal defense weapon, it is an historical artifact to be treated with respect.
The Colt manufacturer's mark.
Here's the full pistol. One way to tell the M1911 from the later M1911A1 is the straight backstrap on the butt of the pistol. M1911A1's have a rounded profile to fit the hand better.

M1911 Week: How to Field Strip

Given that some people think tomorrow might bring forth some kind of Apocalypse, perhaps we should spend a few minutes going over the maintenance of our favorite .45 pistol.

Centers for Disease Control Press Release

For years the US Federal Government has been silent on the subject of Zombies. So, for that matter, have most -- if not all -- state and local governments. Getting up at a public forum and asking your representatives what preparations are being made for the rise of the walking dead was sure to draw snickers from the audience, disdain from the politician, and very likely a quick way to get escorted to the door by friendly law enforcement officials.

But this week, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released this:

You might not be able to reach it, because the site has been crashing off-and-on since it got posted. You see, the quiet CDC blog entry was noticed by major news organizations, for example:

What does this mean? Is it coincidental that a fringe religious group announced tomorrow, Saturday, May 21, 2011 is the date of The Rapture and beginning of the Christian End Times?

Perhaps the USG is ready to admit the existence of zombies. Maybe it knows information leaked about the last couple of outbreaks and people are taking this threat seriously now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

M1911 Week: OSS Point Shooting

Part of a classic training film from WWII showing the inimitable Col. Rex Applegate training US spies, saboteurs, and commandos in how to use the M1911. Applegate taught the still controversial Point Shooting technique, which uses the theory that at short ranges, the shooter will naturally point toward the threat.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Movie Clip: Solomon Kane

I've mentioned the bio-pic about legendary monster hunter, Solomon Kane. This Elizabethan Era adventurer is responsible for wiping out an African variety of vampire, and also a breed of strange pterodactyl-like humanoids. He was truly an inspiration to us all.

Anyway, here's one of the best fights in the movie. Kane had tried to give up violence after a frightening encounter with one of the Devil's minions. But he was eventually forced to see that evil won't always be persuaded by turning the other cheek. This scene dramatizes Kane's choice to pick-up the sword again.

How To Survive the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse!

Even major corporations are preparing for Z-Day. This is part of a film for a major International IT firm's Human Resources department.

Gear Pr0n: Nickle Plated M1911 with companion book

M1911 Week: Point Shooting

Vintage World War II training film on Point Shooting technique with the M1911A1

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gear Pr0n: M1911 Week!

Sam Browning's .45 automatic pistol, adopted by the U.S. Army as the Model 1911, and later M1911A1 is a classic. Long considered the consummate gunfighter's pistol, the design turns 100 years old. It has seen service with the U.S. Military in every conflict in which the nation has been engaged in those 100 years.

Here we see a Taurus clone with sexy Punisher aftermarket grips.

Lost Tapes: Zombies Part 2

The security agents deal with their close encounter with hybrid zombies.

Frankly, this whole thing concerns me. I'd never before heard of Haitian Voudon-created zombies having a taste for human flesh or spreading infection. Usually they are very docile.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Troll Chase

A snippet of shocking footage showing a 4-wheel Drvie vehicle chasing a towering troll across the Scandinavian wilderness.

Fortunately, it appears trolls are a species unique to Northern Europe and not found in North

Tell The World

License plates won't mean much after the dead rise on Z-Day. But until then, put this plate frame on your Toyata Tacoma to let the world know you're ready for the inevitable zombie apocalypse -- even if they aren't.

Lost Tapes: Zombie Part 1

Lost Tapes presents video obtained from a private security firm establishing the threat from hybrid zombies recently encountered in New Orleans.

Gear Pr0n: Mini Uzi

The Mini-Uzi.

While the original Uzi was intended to be small and comfortable, later engineers believed it could be made even more compact and fill a niche for police, covert agents, and close protection specialists.

Musical Interlude: Red Riding Hood Twofer!

Two versions of Sam the Sham & The Pharoah's classic tale of prowling for pretty, young girls.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Gear Pr0n: Strider LM Nail

Strider makes expensive knives that are worth every penny. It's quality workmanship. So I had to do a little research when I heard they were making a weapon that retailed for $50. Seriously?

It turned out the weapon in question is The Nail. And pretty much, that is what it is. Up to 9 inches of steel ground to a very sharp point and not subjected to heat treatment. It's then paired with a dead simple kydex sheath with paracord looping. You can slip the Nail in its sheath through a single column of standard MOLLE webbing and tie it into place. Nothing to break.
The owner of these Nails has fashioned a paracord grip for a little extra tack in the hand.
So what are these used for? Well, the instruction manual is simple: "Insert pointy end into assailant. Repeat as necessary." It's a last ditch, close combat tool specifically designed to make the bad guy want to get off of you as quickly as possible, or die trying.
I can easily see slipping one of these behind a pouch on my chest rig for those inevitable close encounters. I wouldn't want to have to rely on one of these to finish off a zombie, but it's better than empty hands, and I'm pretty sure I can force into the brain case if I have to. It should strike primordial terror into the hearts of Vampires -- while wooden stakes are the Hollywood mainstay, railroad spikes and coffin nails have also been used to equal effect historically. This thing looks close enough to match.

Gear Pr0n: The Uzi

Ah, the Uzi 9mm submachine gun. Compact, reliable, and so deadly.

Designed for the Israeli Defense Forces, this weapon was designed to be easy to carry at all times. It was also intended to be easy to reload, using the principle that one hand will always find the other. And it was rugged, the Uzi was more than a match for the harsh desert terrain in which the IDF operated.

Sure, other 9mm submachine guns have come along. Many of them have been sexier, but this was the kind of full-auto weapon that could outlast the Apocalypse. It pays to have one in your Z-Day bunker's weapons rack.

Beast Hunter Episode 1 Part 4

The thrilling conclusion of Episode 1 of Beast Hunter!


Sorry for my absence, faithful reader. I got called away on business and wasn't able to keep up with the posting.
I did ask Flint to put down his co-ed and take some time out of his college reading to keep the blog updated. But he failed me -- and YOU! -- miserably.
On the bright side, I did earn a few pennies, gained some experience points, and expended a few rounds downrange. All of which should provide me with more fodder for you as we continue to explore the exciting world of "How to Kill Things That Go Bump in the Night!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gear Pr0n: Cutlery Showcase

Obviously having a good knife in your kit for the inevitable day of Zombiggeddon is a smart thing. You'll need something stout to decapitate your shambling walkers, and you'll need something for your sundry survival needs. You don't need to take it to this extreme, but having options is a good thing.

Musical Interlude: Rasputina -- Transylvanian Concubine

The song Transylvanian Concubine by Rasputina.

Beast Hunter Episode 1 Part 3

Friday, April 29, 2011

Zombie Hunting Permit!

Renminder: Please make sure that your zombie hunting permit is up-to-date.

Terror in the School Years: Late Bloomer

An award-nominated short film out of Miskatonic University's Arts and Modern Multimedia Department.

Gear Pr0n: AA12 Automatic Shotgun

Pump-action shotguns are great in most situations. On human opponents, that clickety-clack working of the action gives you a huge psychological edge through sheer intimidation. They are easy to maintain and super reliable -- which makes them preferred weapons against slow moving zombies. And they are very versatile because they consume a variety of ammunition types.

But sometimes you need all the knockdown firepower of the shotgun with the rapid fire and easy reloading associated with an assault weapon. For those situations, you need the AA12 Automatic shotgun.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zombie Peeps Wish you a "Hoppy Easter!"

This is what happens if you keep Peeps past their expiration date.

Miskatonic Collection: Statue 7

Generally regarded as the most magnificent of Cthulhu effigies, this idol was unearthed from the ashen ruins of Pompeii. The fine detail of the head is remiscent of the cuttlefish, while the fine, bat-like wings a folded into a lifelike pose on the back.

Need A Little Boost?

Here are the latest in energy boosting aids from a subsidiary of the fine folks at Umbrella Corporation.

I don't condone the use of performance enhancing drugs even in my line of work. History shows, again and again, how messing around with forces beyond human control only brings about the downfall of great men. So kids, don't mess with drugs or magic potions. Eat your veggies, drink plenty of water, and stay away from processed sugars.

Beast Hunter: Episode 1 Part 1

Pat Spain, a descendant of the great Charles Fort -- and also a trained biologist -- goes in search of mysterious monsters.

In this episode he searches for the man-ape of Sumatra, the Orang-Pendak!

Musical Interlude -- Thriller!

The big bad voodoo daddy of horror themed music videos!

Gear Pr0n: Crye Precision SHOT Show 2011

We finish our review of the new 2011 Crye Precision offerings in this second part of the video.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gear Pr0n: The Rambo Knife

Back in the 1980's, you weren't badass if you didn't have a "Rambo" Knife.

The movie First Blood introduced us to John Rambo, a Special Forces vet suffering from extreme Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and some form of dissociative disorder. Pushed too far, the rugged individualist Rambo struck back with his survivalist skills. And he used his trusty Bowie knife to help him out.

The first two movies set the pattern for the pop-culture phenomena of the Rambo Knife. He used large Bowie knives with sawbacks and hollow handles. An assortment of survival goodies were stored in the hollow, including a compass under the cap.

The third movie broke the pattern by using a knife without the survival kit handle. But the knife was still over-sized and created as an artfully-shaped Bowie.

The recent sequel went further. The knife was the biggest yet, but the shape had changed completely into a Jungle machete or parang type blade. Also, while the other knives had been handcrafted by artisan bladesmiths, the fourth knife was intentionally left more crude and primitive to reflect the storyline of the movie. (The knife itself, of course was still handmade by a bladesmith.)

Above are replicas of these iconic knives. And while the Rambo knife has had critics over the years, any of them will serve you well in the inevitable zombiggeddon. Just make sure you're buying a quality survival knife and not a $15 Taiwanese import.

Zombie Hunter Bracelet: Show Your Pride!

Tell the world you're ready with these popular stretchy-rubber bracelets from Milspec Monkey.

Zombies Taking Over!

National Geographic talks to the experts about the inevitable zombie apocalypse!

Gear Pr0n: Crye Precision at SHOT Show 2011

Crye Precision, a manufacturer on the cutting edge of military gear, presents an overview of their latest offerings at the SHOT Show 2011. (Part one of two.)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot! Zombie Survival Kit Week Practicum

OK, folks. Just how prepared are you? We've been talking all week about thinking through your survival kit needs. Did you really think you'd make it through the week without a test on whether or not you've been listening closely?

So, what object is at hand on your left? How do you intend to use it? Can it get you to your primary stash? If so, what better preparations are available to you in your main survival kit?

Please comment.

Monsterquest: Giant Arachnids Part 4

The senses shattering conclusion to this expose of Giant Spiders lurking in our rain forests!

Zombie Survival Kit Week: The Basics

Glock and Shotgun for basic defense. Machete for conserving ammo. Knife for utility needs. Crowbar and Tomahawk for melee weapons and the all-important task of breaking into spaces to scavange for necessities. Plus, a handy copy of the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. This person is off to a fantastic start.

First Aid: Self Tourniquet

There's a lot of nay saying about first aid in the zombie preparation world. I don't know why. Sure, if one of those rotting shamblers bites you, you're done for. Do us all a favor and put the bullet in your own head.

But all kinds of things can go wrong in the zombie apocalypse. And chances are good there will be shortage of trained doctors. (I suspect many of them will be compromised in the opening stages as they are called to treat the infected.) So you need a basic knowledge of first aid.

Here we look at using the tourniquet. It's useful for many combat-type injuries. While I advocate cooperation among survivors for the long term benefit of all, I am not naive. Others will not take the long view, and chances are good you will encounter hostile human survivors.

Keep in mind the tourniquet is not a long term solution. It is intended to treat you immediately until someone can get you safe for better treatment.

I've mentioned before that while it's nice to have a bag full of cheap, efficient, sharp machetes, axes, and large knives, having a sturdy, craftsmen-made blade is a worthwhile investment when you've reached a certain level of preparedness.

Craftsmen lavish care and attention on their work, and turn out something special. These are knives and swords that won't let you down in a pinch. Having that level of confidence in your knife can help you sleep at night while the demons released from the gaping maw of hell wail in the darkness surrounding your fortified hide site.

There are a number of sword and knife smiths I've found that specialize in historical blades and forging methods. These are proven designs and that's why I like them. But maybe you're looking for something a little more flashy, yet still practical and combat-ready. Then maybe is for you.

These guys seem to "get it." You're sure to find a blade that suits your badass, zombie-hunting personality from them. And while they aren't cheap, their prices are right in the sweetspot for craftsmen's work. I easily paid in this range a few years ago for a Last Legend Katana. So go on... Check them out.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cold Steel Gladius

Everyone loves the machete because it's cheap, sword length, handy, and choppy-choppy.

And everyone loves swords because they tend to add a bit more control in anti-personnel situation.

So here's a machete that also a sword! It's the Cold Steel Gladius. The Gladius was the standard sword of the Roman Legions. It was originally used by some of their opponents, but the Romans found the shape incredibly useful for their way of way.

The Roman Legions were trained to fight in formation from behind shields. The sword would chops and stab, chop and stab, chop and stab, creating an action along the front of the formation like an enormous chainsaw ripping into the enemies. The short length of the sword encouraged the Legionnaires to close with the targets, and also brought them within the business end of their enemies' spears.

Most of us won't fight with shields, and while we don't really want to get too close to our zombie foes, we do appreciate the handiness of the shorter length. It's a good size for a one handed sword. And Cold Steel makes it cheap! AND they offer a polypropylene training version, so you can actually learn to handle the sword properly without risking your blade.

Zombie Survival Kit Week: Break Glass 3

While I am a fan of this kit, it does have some drawbacks. The shotgun does not have adequate ammunition available, the paddle looks a little too flimsy (import a cricket bat instead), the explosives are potentially more dangerous to the user than the zombies, and keeping Max Brooks excellent book behind glass until the moment of truth is shortsighted. Better to have it available and read well in advance of needing it.

Monsterquest: Giant Arachnids Part 3

You know, usually I'll take a Red Devil vacuum and suck up spiders around my house and then bring them outside. Do you think the giant spiders will consider this behavior helpful and benevolent and leave me alone? Or do you think it will be viewed as a terrible torture for which I must be punished?

Maybe I should stock up on ammo belts for the SAW (those suckers are fast!) and invest in some Raid-filled gas grenades for the M32 launcher...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zombies & Politics 2

I'm pretty apolitical most of the time, but something about this just spoke true to me.

Zombie Jerky?

Okay, here's the thing.

I found this at one of my local outfitter's place and bought a package.

Bullet #2 says it's "beef jerky" but the product name is "zombie jerky." So I'm a little nervous.

Am I getting jerky made out of zombies, or maybe zombie cows? Sure, the package promises that its "for eating" and "delicious" but I caught a Charlton Heston marathon one Sunday and after Omega Man they showed Soylent Green, so now I'm leery.

I sent the package for testing to a buddy with a laboratory. I'm hoping it comes back okay to eat.

But in the meantime, I think I'll just stick with plain beef jerky I get at the local supermarket.