Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Cold Steel Trench Hawk -- Meet Your Lobotomizer!

Gill Mudskipper here! We all know there are times when things get a little up-close and personal with the undead. For that kind of work, you need something tough, reliable, heavy, and pointy. You need a Cold Steel Trench Hawk.

This is an item practically custom made for Zombie Killing. Like traditional tomahawks, it's a two piece construction. There's a steel head, which is attached to a polypropylene shaft, making for a 19-inch long tool. That's a little too close for comfort with the undead -- but on the bright side, it usually only takes one good swipe from this badass to put a deadhead done for the count.

You can use the axe head for utility work and monster slaying. But the bonus is the spikey part on the back -- perfect for penetrating the putrid, over-ripe skulls of the walking dead!

The nice thing about the polypropylene handle is that it is easy to wash after use. Zombie scuzz won't linger in the nooks and crannies like it might with a wood shaft. When you get back to your sanctuary, you can easily disassemble the hawk and disinfect every part.

The Trench Hawk comes with a cool thermoplastic sheath. Again, this is a great safety feature for the Zombie Hunter. You can return the hawk to the sheath after use and the danger of accidentally being nicked by an edge and infecting yourself is reduced. On the other hand, you need to practice to bring the weapon into action quickly. If you need this -- you need it right away!

Need more info? Check out this guy.

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