Monday, November 1, 2010

Basic Necessities: The MForgery

Gil Mudskipper checking in with y'all again.

It occurred to Flint and me that we hadn't really said this: You need a rifle. And you need a good rifle.

So we both heartily recommend an MForgery. That's right, you should get some make of the AR15 carbine. This is the same weapon that has soldiered with our finest fighting forces since Vietnam. And today, you can custom build a Black Rifle in countless combinations.

Parts are everywhere. And although ammo is a little expensive since the government is using it up at a prodigious rate killing terrorists on your behalf overseas, I expect that .223 and 5.56mm ammo will be relatively easy to come by in the aftermath of the rise of the walking dead. It's in use with just about every police department and federal law enforcement or military service around.
Same for spare parts. These things should be practically littering the streets following the first attempts of the government to stem the rising tide of brain-eaters.
You should try to stockpile some key spares in advance, like firing pins and extra magazines. Like the spiffy PMAGS from Magpul. Sweet. Investing in optics can't hurt either. Remember, it's a lot easier to score head shots in video games than real life. Putting the red dot over the shambler's forehead makes it easy for you to be sure.
You just need to keep your rifle clean after every use and it will serve you reliably.

Some people will advocate for the AK47. That's a mighty fine weapon too. But it was made by communists, son. And the only thing worse than a communist is a zombie. And only by a little. After all, both are godless beings.
Still, beggars can't be choosers, and if your budget or circumstances only permit you to have an AK47, there are worse things. After all, it's not the AK47's fault it was designed by an atheist communist. It -- like you, zombie hunter -- is merely a blunt instrument.

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