Friday, May 13, 2011

Gear Pr0n: Strider LM Nail

Strider makes expensive knives that are worth every penny. It's quality workmanship. So I had to do a little research when I heard they were making a weapon that retailed for $50. Seriously?

It turned out the weapon in question is The Nail. And pretty much, that is what it is. Up to 9 inches of steel ground to a very sharp point and not subjected to heat treatment. It's then paired with a dead simple kydex sheath with paracord looping. You can slip the Nail in its sheath through a single column of standard MOLLE webbing and tie it into place. Nothing to break.
The owner of these Nails has fashioned a paracord grip for a little extra tack in the hand.
So what are these used for? Well, the instruction manual is simple: "Insert pointy end into assailant. Repeat as necessary." It's a last ditch, close combat tool specifically designed to make the bad guy want to get off of you as quickly as possible, or die trying.
I can easily see slipping one of these behind a pouch on my chest rig for those inevitable close encounters. I wouldn't want to have to rely on one of these to finish off a zombie, but it's better than empty hands, and I'm pretty sure I can force into the brain case if I have to. It should strike primordial terror into the hearts of Vampires -- while wooden stakes are the Hollywood mainstay, railroad spikes and coffin nails have also been used to equal effect historically. This thing looks close enough to match.

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  1. Are these types of knives used as law enforcement tactical gear? They look like they could do some serious damage. I wonder how much someone would be willing to pay for something like this.