Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Survival Kits

I first heard about while reading the usual trade magazines. (In this case: Tactical Knives. Take note Game Deck warriors...) The Bush Kit was the featured item in the article. I have to say the beauty of this survival kit puts the one I cobbled together to shame. This is just gorgeous and is a 21st Century version of gear like they had in Colonial Days. I have no trouble imagining one of Rogers' Rangers carrying this set.

At first, I thought it was awfully expensive at $1100, but then I realized its in Canadian dollars. So with an exchange rate... it's probably, what: $7.50? Okay, maybe not.

While you might not need a beautiful kit like this to survive the blasted ruins of Zombiggeddon, you should have a survival kit handy. Once Z-Day hits, I think everyone will have more important things on their minds than going to work. At least, I will -- Buy More can bite me. I won't be showing for my shift. It won't take long for the infrastructure to break down. An excellent source of intelligence on what will happen is the History Channel series Life After People.

Gil out!

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