Friday, June 10, 2011

Gear Pr0n: Mil-Spec Monkey Zombie Hunter Patch in PVC

Mil-Spec Monkey's popular "Zombie Hunter" patch is now available in PVC.

As the Monkey says:
"We are trying out PVC designs to give some more options. They look clean, are nice and durable, and hook velcro won't stick to them like normal embroidery. Overall matte with very low reflectivity."

These are extremely durable, and may stand-up better in harsh environments better than normal embroidery. For example, if you are constantly in swamps or doing deep dives. The constant wetting and drying process can be hard on standard patches. You may have other applications in mind, such as ID on HAZMAT suits that needs to be disinfected.

Don't go hunting without identification. The zombie hunter patch won't solve all your ID issues, but it is a start.

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