Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unprepared! UK City is forced to concede they can't hold back Zombies!

The United Kingdom's Leicester City Council was recently forced to admit they had no contingency plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. (
"Concerned citizen" Robert Ainsley filed a request under the UK-version of the Freedom of Information Act for information relating to the city's disaster plan for handling zombies. The city council spokesperson,Lynne Wyeth, admitted in a radio interview that this made her office, "laugh."
I assure you, Ms. Wyeth, that the shambling hordes of the hungry undead are no laughing matter. They are a real and dangerous threat. And your city is under more threat because of the draconian laws in your country regarding firearms ownership and even the possession of samurai swords -- two of the most effective anti-zombie tools available. Cricket bats and shovels are secondary tools at best.

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