Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forgotten History: Nazi Dinosaurs

A sadly forgotten chapter of history -- much like the 1939 incident at Grover's Mill, New Jersey -- was the Nazi plan to unleash living dinosaurs on the Allies in the waning days of World War II. Abwehr operatives smuggled dinosaur blood out of insect amber samples from Scandinavia and SS scientists immediately started work on reconstructing the thunder lizards. Fortunately, their work was hindered by the fact DNA was not understood at the time. There were other efforts to procure a living dinosaur from the jungles of Africa, but the small units of soldiers sent into the Congo were never heard from again. Whether that was due to the harsh environment, Allied forces, or the dinosaurs themselves is unknown. Allied intelligence caught wind of these unusual activities, and efforts were made to stop the threat. A small sampling of morale-boosting posters was made in conjunction with military contractors. Fortunately, they were never needed and most were destroyed following the war. Above is the image of one of these rare artifacts.

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