Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gear Pr0n: Budget Build

Compared to some of our other "gear pr0n" features, this is not pretty. But it is highly effective, and shows what can be done on a budget and with what's on-hand.
The main weapon is an AK47-type assault rifle, shooting a hard-hitting 7.62x39 mm round. The back-up is a trustworthy revolver, apparently a .357 magnum. While these are not as speedy to reload, they also hit hard, and the owner seems to have hedged his bets with four additional speedloads.
A Glock field knife is also present, and it looks like a flashlight or multitool is attached to the rifle mag pouch. The belt ain't fancy, but it is servicable, and he's added some suspenders to help bear the weight.

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