Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Moon

You know, being a badass zombie hunter isn't all about shooting guns, throwing molotov cocktails, and surviving on cans of dog food after civilization eventually collapses. No, you have to know all kinds of stuff. People seem to think Flint and I are some kind of weird brand of redneck. That's hardly the truth. I have a college degree! And Flint... well, he's close.

It's not just about knowledge of zombies, which is a full-time job in itself. You have to be ready for other kinds of things that go bump in the night too. And that can get complicated. For instance, did you know this weekend will see a Perigean Full Moon? No? Well, watch out.

Of course, Flint and I keep tabs on the moon charts anyway to be ready for werewolf activity. But you don't just watch the phases chart, you have to watch the whole lunar movement. A Perigean Full Moon means the moon will be full during its closest approach to the Earth for the year. The combination of a full moon, perigee, and an optical illusion that makes all full moons look large on the horizon will make moonrise tonight more startling. The moon's diameter may appear to be 14 percent wider than when it is at it's furthest point away, or the apogee. If you've got clear skies, it may even be 30% brighter!

So what? Well, this can have a marked effect on werewolves (and any other creatures effected by the lunar cycle). They may become more violent, or retain more of their human intellect and become more cunning. Some people infected by mild forms of lycanthropy can show an increased inclination towards wolfishness. They may even undergo a full-on transformation, even if they do not usually experience such a thing.

Yeah, we're real stupid around here. It takes a lot of study to be successful in this job. You always have to be thinking.

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