Friday, April 8, 2011

FMA Week Too: Beginner's Sparring

The secret to developing practical martial arts skills is resistance against a thinking, live opponent. (Yes, this is ironic since so many of our opponents are technically "dead.") Sparring -- early and often in the martial artist's career -- is probably the best way to develop true skill. But often the examples we see are high level practitioners who have been sparring for years, even decades. This can intimidate beginners, who are afraid they will just look silly trying the skills with which they are still uncomfortable.

We've seen several examples of people who are excellent fighters, so I thought it might be worthwhile providing an example of beginner's at play. You'll see how tentative they are. You'll see mistakes. There is obvious room for improvement. All of that is completely understandable at this level. The goal is only to try hard and use what you've learned.

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