Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miskatonic University Archives: Statue 1

As part of a response to some of my inqueries, an old professor at Miskatonic University forwarded this film, which has the rather curious file name of "Unclassified Find -- 1928"

What does the "unclassified" mean in this case? Is the staue not type-classified according to some scholarly regime? Or is this statue "unclassified" in the government secrets sense? I don't know. That's just one mystery regarding the video file.

According to my source, the statue is an idol of the pagan god Cthulhu, who according to his cultists sleeps beneath the ocean awaiting the alignment of stars which will announce his return. The idol was apparently uncovered in 1928 by a Miskatonic team working in New England. The places and circumstances of the find are murky, but he's looking into the paperwork associated with this.

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