Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gear Pr0n: What is Ready?

On the surface, this person appears to be "ready" for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. He's got the M4, pistols, a scoped rifle, a shotgun, and plenty of edged weapons. But his collection begs the question: just what is "ready?" How, for example, does he plan on carrying all this? Instead of buying a leveraction rifle, maybe he should invest in some pouches for his M4 magazines, or holsters for his pistols? Does he even have a backpack to carry loose ammunition? Something he could strap his swords to? This is haphazard. He has purchased without a plan. He's bought things that look cool. How many swords does he need? Something I learned early in this business is that you have to understand your Requirements, with a capital "R." What is your mission, what do you need to accomplish it safely and efficiently, and how can you wisely spend your resources to achieve those two functions? I recommend you start with three guns: carbine, pistol, and shotgun. Now, I like the M4, the Glock, and either the Mossberg or Remington 870 in tactical furniture. Next you need ammunition and something to carry it with you. After that you need to start thinking about a good melee weapon. Then take it from there. I don't just post Gear Pr0n features because the stuff looks pretty. You need to think about what you're seeing and adapting it for your needs. Today, my advice to you is to seriously consider what your needs will be for everyday zombie hunting, or Zombieggedon

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